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jaiAll portfolios are personally and individually managed by Jay Parekh, president of World Wise Investments. Mr. Parekh has nearly 20 years of investment experience and is solely responsible for all investment decisions. He is also responsible for developing the unique investment strategy employed by World Wise Investments.

During the first decade of this century, equity markets have undergone two 50% plus corrections (the dot com bubble of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008-2009), wreaking havoc on investor confidence. In this chaotic environment, Mr. Parekh has successfully managed to preserve capital and eke out respectable annual returns.

Mr. Parekh has a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters degree in Plastics Engineering from University of Massachusetts. Upon completing his education in 1986, he worked in the plastics industry for three years.

Over the next 12 years Mr. Parekh provided consulting services to institutions like J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Smith Barney, among others. This is where he devised and refined his risk averse investment strategy. He started his own portfolio management business in 2008 and currently manages over $10 million in client assets.

WWI and I have built a relationship of trust and understanding during the five years I have beenRead more..


WWI and I have built a relationship of trust and understanding during the five years I have been investing with them. I started small, entrusting them with my modest retirement savings. This has now ballooned into a substantial investment portfolio. Thanks to WWI, I now see how my previous money manager burdened my portfolio performance with layers of fees and hidden charges. I appreciate their straight talk and honesty - something I never thought I would see in the financial industry. I like the fact that they explore both traditional and non-traditional investment opportunites globally. In fact, it has been these non-traditional investments that have provided an unexpected boost to portfolio returns - something my previous investment adviser would not have even thought of. -- Maya S.