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We have a time tested risk averse strategy

The most important thing that separates us from other advisors is our unique investment strategy. This time tested strategy, enables us to make money for you during rising markets and minimize losses during falling markets. Most advisors are “always fully invested”, hell bent on “putting your money to work”. Sure, you make money when stocks rise; but when they get cut in half, you loose half your wealth. Our investment strategy enables us to go defensive by reducing risk exposure when market conditions warrant such action. We vary a portfolio’s investment exposure based on numerous Market Indicators we track. Accordingly, we increase risk exposure when these market indicators signal a favorable investment environment and decrease risk exposure when such indicators augur uncertain times ahead. During uncertain times, we don’t just pay lip service to risk management; we aggressively contain portfolio losses by cutting back on higher risk investments. Back tested for the last six decades, our strategy emphasizes capital preservation, not just capital gains. By defining and containing losses during market downturns, we will help you sleep easy at night.

We work strictly in your best interest

Have you heard the “buy low and sell high” strategy? Of course you have. It’s one of the oldest and wisest adages on Wall Street.
What about the “Buy and hold” strategy?
However, both of these strategies cannot be right because if you buy and simply “hold”, when can you “sell” high?
Why the contradiction? Simple, “buy low and sell high” is a wise wall street adage, while the “buy and hold” mantra is propaganda that big investment houses want to pass off as wisdom.
Why do investment houses want you to buy and hold equities? Simple, investment houses make most of their money selling you equity investments – stocks, mutual funds and annuities with promises of lofty returns. They make much less money holding bonds in your portfolio and none holding cash.
At World Wise Investments (WWI), if the Market Indicators we track signal a richly valued market, we are comfortable holding bonds, cash or alternative investments. This is because we are a fee only adviser. We are compensated solely by you – our clients. Since we receive no commissions or referral fees from the securities we select for your portfolio, there is no perverse incentive to purchase any securities other than those that will generate the best returns. There is no conflict of interest. You can see the result of conflict of interest here, here, here and here. We work strictly in YOUR best interest. Our principals and employees use the same strategy to invest their own assets as they do yours. We put our money where our mouth is; eat our own cooking, as it were. We choose reasoned investments with OUR well being in mind.

Market Indicators

We follow numerous market indicators to help us determine where and how much we should invest. Key amongst these indicators are:

Stock Market valuation
Stock Market Cycle
Investor sentiment
International Capital flows and liquidity provisions

You can learn more about each by clicking on them in the "Favorable and Unfavorable Market Environments" section of the Investment Strategy page.

We are cost conscious

Research shows that high advisory fees are THE biggest drag on portfolio performance. At World Wise Investments, we strive to minimize fees. Click here to view our fee schedule and compare us with other investment advisors. Unlike investment advisors who purchase mutual funds charging an average 1% in fees (in addition to the advisor’s own fees), we choose cost efficient, low or no cost investment vehicles. For example, we invest in ETFs with fees as low as 0.09% or options which carry no fees.

We provide personalized attention

As a boutique investment firm, we have the pleasure of working intimately with our clients, getting to know them, their complex needs and their concerns. We aim to partner with your other advisory relationships such as accountants, bankers and estate planning attorneys. We never pressure clients into any decisions, choosing instead to ensure you understand both the risks and rewards of every decision you make. We work to customize an investment approach so that your assets are working to support your growth and income needs. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

We are a full service investment advisor

In addition to providing investment advisory services, we also work with clients to minimize tax burdens and offer basic financial planning advice. Comprehensive financial planning is also available for a modest fee.

In six years of investing with WWI, I have come to trust their judgement and admire their integrityRead more..


In six years of investing with WWI, I have come to trust their judgement and admire their integrity. After the 2008-2009 market crash, my portfolio was cut in half and I was ready to pull out what remained and stash it away in a safe deposit box. This is when I first approached WWI. They correctly conunseled me not just to stay fully invested, but to add funds to my portfolio. They posses a keen insight into their unique investment choices. I have full access to my money and can instantly view how my portfolio is performing. I take comfort in the fact that I have a substantial cash position in my portfolio and yet, investment returns are gratifying. -- Sam P.