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Why should I choose World Wise Investments over another investment advisor?

Investment advisors use various strategies – asset allocation (e.g. 60/40 stocks/bonds), sector rotation, stock selection or some combination thereof. However, most such strategies insist on staying “fully invested” which means that ALL your investment is ALWAYS at risk! World Wise Investments varies the amount of funds deployed towards various investments. During unfavorable market environments, 85% of your portfolio could be in cash. The result: your losses are well defined and contained when the market corrects. Please review our investment strategy for details.

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes, we do offer free consultation. Feel free to Contact us.

What is the minimum account size you will accept?


How long has World Wise Investments been in business?

World Wise Investments is a subsidiary of Information Retrieval Systems, Inc., a Colorado based corporation in good standing since 1989.

How much do you charge?

Our yearly fees start at 1.25% and go down to as low as 0.10% of assets under management. Please refer to the fees page for details.

Should I choose to engage your services, how will you invest my money? Do I send you a check?

No. Your money always stays in your account and in your name. You simply have to grant us “limited trading authorization” in your brokerage account. This allows us to ONLY buy or sell securities in your account but forbids disbursement requests (funds transfers, check writing, etc.).

Should I choose to engage your services, will I need an account at a specific brokerage?

No. However, if your brokerage account is not in the United States, it must allow for trading of US and European securities . If you wish to open a brokerage account in the US, we will be happy to assist. You do not need to be a US citizen/Green card holder/resident to open an account with a US brokerage. Citizens of most other countries are eligible to open a US brokerage account, provided your country of residence allows it.

Will you consult me before placing a trade in my account?

World Wise Investments (WWI) manages clients’ investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. Discretionary means that all investment decisions are made and implemented by WWI within the context of a client approved investment plan. Although we will not consult you prior to placing a trade, once a trade is executed in your account, you will receive an email confirmation detailing the trade. Should you have questions or concerns about a particular investment we have chosen for your account, we will be happy to address them.

How do I get started with you?

Once you choose to engage our services, getting started is a quick two step process:
(1) Sign the Investment Advisory Agreement we email to you. Scan and email it back to us.
(2) If you already have an existing brokerage account, you can simply set up World Wise Investments with trading authorization in your account. Trading authorization allows us to ONLY place trades in your account. There is no access to funds transfer, check writing, wire transfers or any other features. If you do not have a brokerage account, we will be happy to suggest a reliable broker and help you open an account.

Do your provide financial planning, tax planning, retirement planning and other financial advice?

We are happy to provide basic financial and planning advice at no cost to our clients. We will gladly partner with your other advisory relationships such as estate planning attorneys, accountants and private bankers. Comprehensive financial planning is available for a modest fee.

What is a fee only advisor and why is this important?

We take pride in being fee-only financial advisors. This means our only source of compensation is the fee you pay us. We do not accept commissions, referral fees or any other compensation from outside sources. As a result, you can be confident that the advice we provide and the products we select for you are with your best interest in mind.


In six years of investing with WWI, I have come to trust their judgement and admire their integrityRead more..


In six years of investing with WWI, I have come to trust their judgement and admire their integrity. After the 2008-2009 market crash, my portfolio was cut in half and I was ready to pull out what remained and stash it away in a safe deposit box. This is when I first approached WWI. They correctly conunseled me not just to stay fully invested, but to add funds to my portfolio. They posses a keen insight into their unique investment choices. I have full access to my money and can instantly view how my portfolio is performing. I take comfort in the fact that I have a substantial cash position in my portfolio and yet, investment returns are gratifying. -- Sam P.